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Best Fitness Video Games For Kids To Get Up And Get Moving!

Best Fitness Video Games For Kids

The best fitness video games for kids are ones that are fun to play and get the heart pumping at the same time! The more your kids enjoy the activity, whether it be playing sports or playing exercise video games, the easier it will be to make exercise a regular part of their daily routine. The less exercise feels like work and the more it feels like play may be all the motivation your kids need to get up and get moving!

Best Fitness Video Games For Kids

To help you choose the best fitness video game that is right for your child, I put together a collection of Wii and Xbox fitness video games that most closely mimic traditional exercise routines including stretching, walking, body weight training, core training and cardio.

There are tons of fitness and sports video games on the market, but most do not have game play that allows its players to mimic the sport’s activity. For the purpose of this article, I will be focusing on fitness games that encourage pre-teens and teens to follow a fun, yet structured workout routine through exercise-led game play that produces real results and health benefits.

Kids are addicted to playing video games, so use that to your advantage! Offer your kids additional screen time if they agree to playing a fitness themed video game. Your kids get to play video games and you get peace of mind knowing they are keeping their bodies and minds healthy with a dose of physical activity. Win-win for everyone!

Better yet, join in on the fun! Kids are more successful living a healthy and active lifestyle if the whole family is involved. A family that plays and exercises together, stays together!

Fitness Video Games For Elementary School Aged Children

These fitness video games are a perfect introduction for tweens or pre-teens to learn basic exercises and learn how to follow a structured workout routine. Kids can walk it out to the beat of over 100 songs in the fun and upbeat Walk It Out! Wii game or bust out the moves in a heart pumping workout with the Zumba Kids Xbox 360 game. Kids can learn yoga poses by matching their body parts to the shapes on the mat by following along with the iPad game app.

Walk It Out – Nintendo WiiZumba Kids – Xbox 360Yoga Mat And iPad Game

Fitness Video Games For Older Kids And Teens

These fitness video games are great for teenagers or for older kids who are already familiar with basic exercise techniques. Below, you will find a variety of fitness games that are suitable for all fitness levels and goals. Some exercise games focus on providing a cardio workout whereas others focus on strength training and building a strong core.

My teen daughter and her friends love playing exercise video games together to keep in shape. Their favorites are the Zumba Fitness World Party Xbox game and Gold Gym’s Dance Workout Wii game.

Zumba Fitness World Party – Xbox OneGold’s Gym Cardio Workout – Nintendo WiiYour Shape Fitness Evolved – Xbox 360Nike+ Kinect Training – Xbox 360My Fitness Coach – Nintendo WiiWii Fit PlusGold’s Gym Dance Workout – Nintendo WiiJillian Michaels Fitness Adventure – Xbox 360The Biggest Loser Ultimate Workout – Xbox 360Daisy Fuentes Pilates – Nintendo WiiYoga – Nintendo WiiHarley Pasternak’s Hollywood Workout – Xbox 360

Benefits Of Letting Your Kids Play Exercise Video Games To Their Heart’s Content!

  • Allowing your kids to play fitness video games daily is a great way to make exercise fun, while creating healthy habits that they will hopefully carry with them into adulthood.
  • Exercise video games get your couch potato kids off the couch and gets their hearts pumping. Kids spend so much of their days sitting sedentary, it is important to schedule in a daily dose of exercise to keep their hearts healthy and muscles growing.
  • Fitness video games keep the brain sharp and may help your kids perform better in school. Exercise gets the heart pumping which pumps oxygen to the brain which keep the brain healthy and growing. Video games can increase cognitive function and improve eye hand coordination and gross motor skills.
  • Fitness videos are convenient. No matter how busy school, work and family life is, exercise video games make it easy for kids to squeeze in 30 minutes of exercise on your living room floor at some point in the day without having to travel anywhere.
  • Exercise is a stress reliever! Physical activity produces endorphins, the brain’s feel-good neurotransmitters. Exercise is a healthy outlet for kids dealing with stressful situations or changing hormones.
  • Playing fitness video games produces real results. Kids can easily fulfill their daily physical activity requirements and maintain a healthy lifestyle if they use fitness games properly and with guidance. And that means practicing good form, consistency and eating a diet rich with foods that nourish a growing body including lots of fruits and vegetables, whole grains, nuts and seeds, lean proteins and dairy and healthy fats. Offer treats and junk food in moderation to keep the soul happy and content.
  • Kids who are physically fit are less likely to suffer from a sports related injury. If your child plays a sport, they will benefit both on and off the field by engaging in activities that involve stretching the muscles and ligaments such as yoga and pilates, cardiovascular activities that develop endurance and strength training activities that develop power and strength. Talk with your child’s coach to help you choose the best exercises that are right for your child and the sport they are training for.

Thanks for visiting and I hope you found this collection of best fitness video games for kids helpful!

Best Fitness Video Games For Kids

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