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Finding Carter Free Printable Love You More Quote

Finding Carter Free Printable Love You More Quote

Finding Carter, a teen drama television show on MTV has become hugely popular with teenage girls and adults. In celebration of such an awesome show, here is a free printable Finding Carter “Love You More” quote that can be printed and framed for hanging in a teen girl’s bedroom.

Finding Carter "Love You More" Quote - Free Printable Wall Art

This is the show that teen girls and families from all over the world are obsessing over. It is also the inspiration for this free printable quote.

Finding Carter is a teen drama TV series produced by MTV, but there is nothing over the top about this show. It is just pure awesomeness with a captivating storyline that tugs at your heart and characters that are easy to fall in love with.

Carter Stevens (Kathryn Prescott) is a feisty and rebellious 16 year old teen girl whose life turns upside down in an instant when she finds out she was kidnapped as a toddler and who she thought was her mother is actually her kidnapper.

Carter is reunited with her biological parents, twin sister and younger brother, a situation Carter rebels against, in particular, her police office mother who is determined to put Carter’s kidnapper in jail. Carter must learn to live with and love her new family while dealing with her feelings of love, loyalty and betrayal towards her kidnapper mom.

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The following quote is fundamental to the storyline and comes into play at many different points in the show. It is in the first episode that this quote is first exchanged between Carter and Lori, her kidnapper mom.

“I love you.
Love you more.
Not possible.
Yes, possible!”
~ Finding Carter

Print And Frame The Finding Carter “Love You More” & “My Life Is Not My Life” Quotes For Creating Unique Wall Art For A Teen’s Bedroom

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These are 8″ x 10″ pdf files and you will need Adobe Reader or a different pdf reader to open the files. The images below have been re-sized for the web and right-clicking them will not yield optimal print-ready images. Click on the download link underneath each image to open the high-resolution file that is optimized for printing.

Finding Carter "Love You More" Quote - Free Printable Wall Art


Download “Love You More” Quote

Bonus Printable – “My Life Is Not My Life”

This printable sums up the confusion, hurt and anger Carter feels upon being taken away from her kidnapper mother and being thrust into the middle of a new family she must learn to call her own. It is about Carter finding herself.

Finding Carter "My Life Is Not My Life" Quote - Free Printable Wall Art

Download “My Life Is Not My Life” Quote

Thanks for visiting! I hope you enjoyed these free Finding Carter “Love You More” and “My Life Is Not My Life” printable wall art.

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Finding Carter "Love You More" And "My Life Is Not My Life" Quotes - Free Printable Wall Art

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