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Summer Pajamas For Tween Girls

We are in the middle of a heat wave with no end in sight, which inspired me to create this cute collection of summer pajamas for tween girls to help keep them cool at night and still look fabulous.

Summer Pajamas For Tween GirlsLightweight, Cute And Stylish Summer Pajamas For Tween Girls

1. Eggs & Bacon Pajama Set

I am absolutely in love with this 2-piece Eggs and Bacon Pajama Set which is super adorable for tween and teen girls! The blue pajamas are available in sizes ranging from 6/7 to 20. They come with a loose-fitting tank top featuring a cute, bacon and eggs face and a pair of sleep shorts covered in fun, breakfast themed words. These are perfect for bacon lovin’ girls!

 Eggs & Bacon Pajama Set available at JusticeBuy Now

2. Strawberry Sleep Shirt & Sleep Mask

When it is too hot outside to even think about wearing tight-fitting, cumbersome clothes to bed, a sleep shirt is the perfect solution. This “I Woke Up This Fabulous” Strawberry Sleep Shirt & Sleep Mask is loose-fitting and lightweight making this the perfect sleepwear for tweens on sweltering hot nights. It even comes with a cute sleep mask. Girls can get their beauty sleep and look stylish at the same time.

 Strawberry Sleep Shirt & Sleep Mask available at Lord & TaylorBuy Now

3. Justice League Supergirl Pajamas

Embrace girl power with these “super” cool Justice League Supergirl Pajamas from Target. These are awesome summer pajamas for tween girls who are fans of superheros and comic books.  The 2-piece sleep set comes with a blue/pink sleeveless tank top and a pair of purple/blue sleep shorts.

 Justice League Supergirl Pajamas available at TargetBuy Now

4. “OMG” Pajama Set

Do you find talking with your tween somewhat like talking to an alien? It can be challenging staying up-to-date with all the texting lingo that has morphed into an all new language that has taken over our kid’s speech, but the acronym on this “OMG” Pajama Set is easy to recognize. This 3-piece pajama set comes with a pink t-shirt, grey sleep shorts and black/pink sleep pants. The pants are perfect if you plan spending a few nights sleeping outdoors!

 “OMG” Pajama Set available at Kohl’sBuy Now

5. Mermaid & Seahorse Pajama Set

Could your tweens spend the whole summer swimming with the fishes if they had the choice? They can dream of swimming with the mermaids and seahorses in this beachy Mermaid & Seahorse Pajama Set. The 3-piece summer pajama set comes with a sleeveless tank top, a pair of sleep shorts and a pillowcase sleep shirt. The shorts look like little bloomers. So adorable and girly!

 Mermaid Pajama Set available at AmazonBuy Now

I hope enjoyed these selections of summer pajamas for tween girls and find something you like. Sweet dreams!

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